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Maoic is a non-profit Christian Organization that concentrates on orphans, less privileged children, basic education for young adult, program to
encourage and improve the use of computer at all levels in Africa and U.S.A.
regardless of race, religion, age or ethnic background.

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Maioc Projects And Goals

Maioc project is divided into three sections:

  • Maioc      Orphanage Villages Programs:  Currently MAIOC is supporting  about sixty (60) children through its health screening, clothing/food   distribution, and educational support program (tuition payment and other educational supply in the rural villages around Afienya – Tema, Ghana.
  • Maioc Converted Muslims  and Less fortunate proficiency program:  This program is designed to support Youth who are converted Muslims who have      come to the saving knowledge of Christ and for that matter their families      have disowned them and other young people who are less fortunate. These      young people may have no family support, need a place to stay, education      or proficiency. Maioc’s      Objective is to relocate them where possible and find them a home church      and temporary housing placement.  We placed them in three years      apprenticeship for proficiency program in the following areas: Masonry,      Carpentry, Welding & Steel Bending, Tile laying, Plumbing, Glass      Window specialist, Seamstress and Hair Dressing.
  • Maioc Inner City Social Services:      This program is designed to      support the Youth in High Schools and Colleges. We prepare them for PSAT,      SAT and ACT Exams in order to get better scores.  Maioc’s Objective is that every young      person must have a chance to go to College, earn a degree and have a      better job so they can contribute positively in our churches and communities.      Other program like; Basic computer education, ESL, Carrier Development,      Music Academy etc.

The founder and president of this organization think that every young person in our generation deserves equal opportunity in life, no matter their race, religion or geographical area.  Living in Chicago where violence are common, Maioc leadership’s aim is to provide environment through its social services programs which will take the young potential people off the street rader give the the tool to become responsible citizen and contribute positively into our communities.