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Domestic Charity

  • Focus on youth engagement: through community based empowerment, education, mentoring and development of employable skills.
  • Mentoring program: will provide a very intensive, individualized plan and supportive services to mentees. This will be instituted in a varied of youth oriented monitoring and empowerment programs
    • We provide a solid program that help students develop their leadership and behavioral skills necessary to enable them excel in their God-given purpose. The leadership mentoring program is designed to bring out the leader in middle-school and high-school aged students through group coaching and mentoring.
  • Educational support programs – provide afterschool programs aim at helping at-risk youth to get focused on their education. Provision of daily homework support and outdoor recreation
    • Afterschool Program: The goal of the Afterschool Program is to provide needed opportunities for elementary, middle school and high school students to improve their academic performance, develop necessary life skills, enable positive relationships with caring and supportive adults, and actively nurture their faith.
    • We help kids in Middle & High School with PSAT, ACT and SAT prep. We also do music academy, teaching kids to play instruments, ESL programs
  • Provide post-secondary educational services – assists students with preparing to apply to college, financial aid and assisting with finding programs that aligns with their interest. We provide ongoing support needed to program participants are successful in achieving the necessary post-secondary certifications.
  • Transitional support services– provide transition support services to participants of the mentoring who are in search of employment with opportunity for advancement.
    • Transitional support services includes assistance with resume writing, workforce preparations, career mobility guidance and job placements.
  • International Volunteer Program – Provide the opportunity for the youth to learn about other cultures whiles volunteering in other selected countries. Program provide excellent way for teens and high school students to learn about other cultures and build new interests for life.

International Charity

Focus on the provision of quality community care to needed and deprived people in Ghana.

  • Diabetes Care and support – program aims to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure, provide needed supplies and support for diabetes in deprived communities in Ghana. Provide continuous health education on healthy lifestyle that minimizes the chance of getting diabetes
  • Maternity and New born support – provide pre-and post-natal care to women. The aim to help prevent and or reduce birth related deaths in Ghana:
    • Monitoring of blood pressure of expectant mothers to prevent blood pressure or pre-eclampsia related deaths in women during pregnancy
    • Provide counselling and emotional to women who are suffered the death of their new born babies
    • Provide material support to teen mothers and provide after birth career guidance to same
  • Maioc’s Medical Mission. With this program, we take professional volunteer medical doctors and nurses and we find towns or villages in Ghana where various kinds of medical needs exist. These provide medical volunteers provide needed and timely services to the community.


Maioc Career Development Training 2

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CEO Sheila Agyemang-Amoako Jhon Doe works with a talented team of professionals to accomplish MAIOC’s goals and mission.



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